We are getting a forum

8 Nov

The SantaCruzOwnersClub will soon become part of NeverEnoughBikes – a new cycling forum that’s coming soon.

I’ll post news here once it’s all up and running over there.

Peaty and Ratboy try out the new Chameleon

8 Nov

I owned a Chameleon for a few years and loved the versatility of the bike. It was run as an XC bike, singlespeed, jump bike and most memorably as a rag around the woods bike. Loved it!

A new promo video shows the new Chameleon retains this versatility!



You’ll soon be able to buy a Chameleon from places like LeisureLakesBikes

Good deals on Santa Cruz Nomad frames

5 Nov

CompetitiveCyclist have a range of deals on 2012 Nomad frames.

Check out the Carbon version as an example – click here

Down to $2280!

A 6month test of the Blur TRC

1 Nov

6months is long enough to really get to know a bike. The guys and girls over at OutsideOnline have had 6months onboard a TRC.

Check out the review – OutsideOnline

Can’t wait? Buy a 2012 Blur TRC here.

Skull paintjob on a Santa Cruz V10

29 Oct

Check this out everyone. An obviously talented artist has airbrushed skulls onto his V10. Amazing!


Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc review

2 Oct

“The fastest, most controlled and confident all-round trail bike we’ve ridden – if you can afford it”

Full review – click here

You can buy a TallBoy from LeisureLakesBikes – click here

Greg Minnaar World Champ

8 Sep

Ace video of Greg winning the 2012 World Champs!


Steve Peat’s Bike and Kit for World Champs

6 Sep

Check it out:


Santa Cruz V10 Fat Bike

1 Sep

Interesting to say the least!

But who wouldn’t just love to take one for a ride?? I know I would!!

Click here for pics

2013 Santa Cruz Blur TRc Preview

24 Aug